Accredited analytical laboratories for material testing

Synpo accredited analytical laboratories for material testing

Our analytical department is proud of Testing Laboratory No. 1105 accredited by ČIA according to ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard for analytical and physico-chemical tests of products based on synthetic polymers and resins including related substances, wastes and environmental compartments.

Analysis of products and materials

  • Characterization of branching of polymers;
  • Analysis of feedstocks;
  • Evaluation of production batches reproducibility;
  • Determination of composition of products;
  • Study and optimization of chemical reactions;
  • Determination of physico-chemical quantities;
  • Relationship between structure and properties;
  • Documents for product certification.

Analysis of the living and working environment

  • Determination of organic substances in water and products;
  • Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC), f.e. in paints;
  • Waste analysis;
  • Documents for administrative proceedings and expert opinions

Analytical methods

  • FTIR, UV, FTIR microskopy;
  • particle size distribution;
  • titration and gravimetric methods, classical analysis.


SYNPO appreciates a long-term cooperation with Wyatt Technology. Wyatt instrumentation is used for detailed characterization of molecular structure of various polymers and resins: