Accredited laboratory for testing and evaluation of materials

Synpo accredited laboratory for testing and evaluation of materials

The laboratory no.1105 is accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 for mechanical, thermo-mechanical and thermic tests of polymer compounds and paints including lacquer evaluation. Tests of polymer materials include testing of plastics, molding compounds, adhesives, pressure sensitive tapes, cellular plastics, sealants and putties and other plastic materials.

The main activities of the department are:

  • Evaluation of mechanical properties of polymers and composites under different conditions
  • Evaluation of thermal and thermo-mechanical properties,
  • Complex coating evaluation (mechanical properties, weathering tests, corrosion tests),
  • Other tests necessary for evaluation of polymer compounds and paints,
  • Results of the tests and measurements are used for the for development of polymer materials and paints as well as for the certification of new products. All tests are carried out according to ISO, ASTM, and DIN standards.

We are accredited to carry out required tests and grant certificates for the use of products in civil engineering, according to Czech decree NV 81/1999. 

The laboratory is equipped with:


2) TMA

3) Universal ripping machines

4) Conditioning chambers

5) Equipment for accelerated weathering and corrosion tests of coatings

6) Salt spray chamber and chamber for the evaluation of the resistance in the sulphur oxide atmosphere

7) Corrosion chamber (NSS, AASS, SO2)