Analytical laboratories

Our analytical department is proud of Testing Laboratory No. 1105 accredited by ČIA according to ČSN EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard for analytical and physico-chemical tests of products based on synthetic polymers and resins including related substances, wastes and environmental compartments.

Analysis of products and materials

  • Characterization of branching of polymers;
  • Analysis of feedstocks;
  • Evaluation of production batches reproducibility;
  • Determination of composition of products;
  • Study and optimization of chemical reactions;
  • Determination of physico-chemical quantities;
  • Relationship between structure and properties;
  • Documents for product certification.

Analysis of the living and working environment

  • Determination of organic substances in water and products;
  • Determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC), f.e. in paints;
  • Waste analysis;
  • Documents for administrative proceedings and expert opinions

Analytical methods

  • FTIR, UV, FTIR microskopy;
  • particle size distribution;
  • titration and gravimetric methods, classical analysis.