Synpo - Center of nano structured polymers

Synpo - Center of nano structured polymers

R & D laboratories of the Center are fully equipped for the synthesis of special types of polymer binders, surface modifiers of nanostructures, and for the basic evaluation of nanomaterials. One of the Center's main priorities is to respond flexibly to the customer requirements and also to transfer the latest scientific knowledge into practice to enhance the product quality. The Center actively supports the professional activities of high school students, university students and Ph.D. students.

Key research and development activities are:


  • Preparation and surface modification of nanoparticles by type of binder.
  • Formulation of nanocomposites, coatings and paints.
  • Preparation of special polymers especially based on acrylic chemistry.
  • Analysis and testing.
  • Consultation services.

Applications of developed technologies and materials

  • Polymer composites for medicine.
  • Electroactive polymers (solar energy conversion, electroactive protective coatings).
  • Thermoset and thermoplastic composites (building, electrotechnics, automotive, aviation).
  • Adhesives.
  • Paints.

Research and development

  • Nanotechnology .
  • Testing of dispersion quality (AFM, particle size and distribution) in polymer systems before and after crosslinking.
  • Concentrations (nanostructure dispersion) according to customer requirements.
  • Low-volume production.
  • Formulation and preparation of polymer systems modified by nanostructures (paints, casting resins, composites).
  • Special lacquers based on antimicrobial nanocomplexes.
  • Synthesis of special acrylate and hybrid silicone-acrylate-urethane dispersions.
  • Preparation of nanostructures and their chemical modification (especially: organic, inorganic and hybrid nanostructures, preparation of modified layered materials, metal nanomaterials and metal oxides, CNT, graphite, magnetic nanoparticles for diagnostics).
  • Service activities.