Clear casting epoxy resin Veropal

Clear casting epoxy resin Veropal

Clear casting epoxy resin VEROPAL is in its variants an ideal tool for awakening imagination. These casting resins are specially tailored for the production of epoxy tables, for tables combined of epoxy resin and wood, for unique epoxy resin furniture (doors, bedheads, lamps, etc.), for jewelry making, for epoxy art like geode, paintings, etc.. At the same time, VEROPAL UV casting epoxy resins are stable, highly compatible with various materials such as wood, metals, organic materials, etc.. The resins Veropal are dyable by colors, metallic or luminescent pigments to the desired shades creating ultimate design effects . After curing, the cast epoxy resin becomes hard, durable and crystal transparent. 


Outline of individual work procedures in the production of epoxy tables, epoxy jewelry, epoxy paintings, etc. by casting using transparent casting resins VEROPAL.

Fantasy is the seed of creativity, creativity is the driving force of progress, and progress is the driving force for fantasy. Zdeněk Hanka 

For people with imagination and just a minimal skill, these VEROPAL epoxy resins are excellent tools for creating exciting products and works. We have empirically verified that anyone who handles these resins, falls in love with them and wants to experiment further and further, because there are no limits to creativity with these resins.