Clear epoxy resin for art Veropal Art

Clear epoxy resin for art VEROPAL ART

High-gloss, clear, custom-made epoxy resin developed specifically for geode, art, paintings, potting small items, etc.

Veropal Art 430 creates a dense, glossy top coat that improves the surfaces of works of art, wood, photographs and various craft projects and gives them a modern look. It works well on many surfaces such as wood, MDF, ceramic, canvas, glass, plexiglass, metal etc. The transparent VEROPAL ART resin is chemically developed to provide maximum stability, clarity and maximum protection against UV and yellowing over time, while being durable, shiny and hard. The added value of the resin is to increase the attractiveness of the crafts. The resin is non-flammable, easy to use and user-friendly. And it is non-toxic (when used as directed). 

Veropal ART 430 works very well on wood, photography, inkjet prints, dried acrylic, oil, spray paint, watercolor, ink, paper collage, oil pastels, sculptures, flowers, stones and other items. It is not recommended to pour on loose materials or anything that is not adhered to the substrate, because after pouring, the dust particles from the loose material can mix into the resin and cloud it.

The best thing you can and you should do is to experiment and have fun!