Clear epoxy resin VEROPAL Transparent

Clear epoxy resin Veropal Transparent

The clear casting resin VEROPAL TRANSPARENT is a two-component transparent epoxy resin characterized by low viscosity and slower curing at normal temperature. Under the influence of UV radiation, this resin very slightly yellows over the years and acquires a natural slightly yellowish resin shade. It shrinks only a little during curing. The casting hardness is controlled by a mixing ratio from a hard 75 Shore D at 100:50 to a flexible 60 Shore A at a 100: 100 mixing ratio. The material is practically odorless, it can be well colored and pigmented. In order to achieve a faster curing, the mass can be tempered to 40 - 60 ° C for several hours (after transition to the gel phase). This will speed up curing.

Available in 3 versions:

VEROPAL TRANSPARENT 200 - slow version (cures up to 48 - 72 hours at normal temperature) this system allows to process and cast up to 20L volume at a time. Pot life approx. 6 hours).

VEROPAL TRANSPARENT 230 - medium speed version (cures approx. 36 - 48 hours at normal temperature).

VEROPAL TRANSPARENT 250 - faster version is designed for smaller casting up to approx. 500 ml. The system has a shortened curing time (approx. 24 - 36 hours at normal temperature) with a minimum shrinkage and a pot life about 60 min.

VEROPAL TRANSPARENT is mainly used for the production of transparent water-cast castings, for casting medium-size or smaller furniture, for advertising and decorative items, in modeling and for casting smaller pieces of wood.