Clear epoxy resin VEROPAL UV PLUS

Transparent epoxy resin VEROPAL UV PLUS

VEROPAL UV PLUS is transparent, as glass optically clear, UV stable (non-yellowing), epoxy casting resin with extended processing time.

It is available in 3 versions:

VEROPAL UV PLUS 100 - slow version (cures up to 96 hours). This clear resin is designed for the application of very large quantities of mass at a time - it allows processing and casting of a volume up to 50 l and up to 10 cm of thickness at the same time. VEROPAL UV PLUS 100 resin has an exceptionally low exotherm and shrinkage, which is redeemed by a very long curing time (up to 96 hours) depending on the cast quantity and the thickness of the layer on application. The casting is hard and tough.

VEROPAL UV PLUS 120 - fast version from resin VEROPAL UV PLUS 100 (cures in 10-24 hours with layer up to 2.5 cm). The casting is very hard (harder, but more fragile than UV PLUS 100)

VEROPAL UV PLUS 130 - medium-speed version of VEROPAL UV PLUS 100. Designed for medium volume applications (up to 10 liters) - cures in layers up to 5 cm in 48 hours.

All types of these casting resins are low-viscosity, very fluid, well run-in and after curing the castings have the same refractive index as glass.

The casting resins Veropal UV Plus are mainly used for casting tables, casting wood in the manufacture of luxury furniture or doors and for the production of waterclear and transparent castings, jewelry, promotional and decorative items, etc.

The transparent resin VEROPAL UV PLUS can be colored while maintaining transparency with compatible pigment solutions (VEROPAL PR) or, for the effect of full color opaque resin by compatible pigment pastes (VEROPAL PP). It is practically odorless when applied. You can cast it with almost everything, creative people love it.

Given that the main direction of this resin VEROPAL UV PLUS application is in casting tables and in the production of interior design furniture, so we had this system tested for health safety with regard to the requirements of the Ministry of Health Decree No. 6/2003 Coll. Results of the tests concluded that the emission of volatile organic compounds will not exceed the hygienic requirements specified in the Decree of the Ministry of Health to be exceeded. No. 6/2003 Coll.