Synpo - custom production of products, tailored production

Synpo custom-made production of products, tailored-made production

Synpo offers custom-made products, tailor-made production ranging from tens of kilograms to tens of tons

1. Small scale production

We offer small-scale production of products from the portfolio of SYNPO. We specialize in:

  • Formulation and technological development 
    • development of synthetic resins - epoxy, polyester, acrylate, alkyd
    • paints, putties, adhesives, sealants, plastics and composites
    • special polymers according to the customer's request
  • Chemical-engineering calculations and measurements in the field of polymer materials

These productions can be realized in the range of production from tens of kilograms to tens of tons.

2. Upscaling

For the purpose of transferring the technologies of the developed polymers from the laboratory to the operational scale we have our research pilot plant. Here we verify the new technologies in the form of run-off production or we produce smaller volumes of special polymers.

Our pilot plant is equipped:

  • polymerization reactors of 25-300 liters for the preparation of polyesters and alkyds, epoxies, latexes, solution acrylates, the apparatuses are equipped with media (heat transfer fluid is oil or pressure water) and / or electric heating
  • cooling belt for the production of solid resins and adhesives (Sandvik)
  • dispersing apparatus
  • pearl mills (WAB)
  • kneading machines with the possibility of emptying by  a discharge screw or by a tilting device (Morton, Werner & Pfleiderer)
  • calenders, presses