Customer driven application development

Synpo - customer driven application development

Our application development tailored to the needs of  our customers focuses mainly on the following areas:


  • Formulation of solvent-based epoxy coatings - epoxy coatings (base, high-density, anticorrosive) for concrete, mineral substrates, floors, steel structures, plastics; for use in high-stressed objects such as chemical, energy, food and other complexes 

  • Formulation of epoxy water-dilutable coatings - epoxy water dilutable paints (basic, anticorrosive with higher chemical resistance) with extended workability on mineral substrates, metal structures, plastics, wood, etc.
  • Formulation of coatings based on alkyd, polyester and polyurethane resins - coatings (paints, fillers, putties, lacquers, lasers) basic, industrial, decorative; for steel, light metals, concrete, wood, fiberboard, plastics, construction and building components , furniture, floors, swimming pools including paints for contact with food and drinking water.
  • Formulation of acrylic water-dilutable coatings - decorative and industrial paints for wood, metals, concrete, etc., as well as painting and facade paints (including thermo-insulating).
  • Formulation of acrylic-urethane paints - paint specially for industrial applications, car repair and surface treatment of transport vehicles.
  • Formulation of paints with special effects - thermal insulation, self-cleaning, antimicrobial or forming effective surface structures.


  • Adhesive formulations based on epoxy resins, acrylics and polyurethanes for contact adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) for use in construction, automotive, engineering, power engineering, electro, etc.
  • Formulation of polyester putties with different workability times, temperature resistance and different consistency (more here).


  • Formulation of casting floor systems, plastic concrete and polymers based on epoxies for all types of mechanical stress including penetration mixtures for dry and wet concrete substrates.
  • Formulation of polyurethane casting floors
  • Formulation of acrylic based waterproofing compounds


  • Formulation of laminating resins and epoxy-based systems including casting, casting and scorching materials for the engineering industry and electronics.
  • The development of lamination resins for all types of laminates, including the formulation of plastics and composites.