Clear epoxy resin

For people with imagination and only minimal skill, these Veropal clear epoxy resins are excellent tools for creating interesting products and works from the production of epoxy tables (tables made of epoxy resin and wood), through watering jewelry, epoxy art (geode, paintings), to creating decorative items such as epoxy lamps, epoxy clocks. We have empirically verified that whoever manages to work with these products, falls in love with them and wants to experiment further, because there are no limits to creativity with these resins and almost everything can be cast with them.

Pro rychlou a snadnou orientaci licích epoxidových systémů Veropal slouží následující tabulka

Veropal UV PLUS 100 Veropal UV PLUS 121 Veropal UV PLUS 130 Veropal Transparent 200 Veropal Transparent 230 Veropal Transparent 250 Veropal ART 430 Veropal Clearcast 300
Mixing ratio 100:40 100:20 100:30 100:50 100:40 100:50 100:30 100:40
Viscosity after mixing 450 - 650 450 - 650 450 - 650 200 - 350 150 - 300 200 - 350 1500 - 3000 50 - 150
Appearance after curing Water clear Water clear Water clear Water clear Water clear Water clear Water clear Water clear
Hardness 75D 80D 75D 75D 77D 75D 75D 75D
Pot life 25 ° C

˂ 3 h/ 1 kg

˂ 30 min/ 100 g

˂ 1 h/ 0,5 kg

˂ 3 h/ 1 kg

˂ 1 h 0,5 kg

˂ 1,5 h 0,5 kg

˂ 1 h/ 0,5 kg

˂ 3 h/ 1 kg

Curing time 23 ° C

at least 3 days

at least 1 day

at least 2 days

˂ 3  / 1 kg

˂ 1 h / 0,5 kg

˂ 1,5 h / 0,5 kg

˂ 1 h / 0,5 kg

˂ 3 h / 1 kg

Maximum casting volume








Maximum layer thickness


2 cm

5 cm







1,4kg, 7kg, 14kg

1,2kg, 6kg, 12kg

1,3kg, 6,5kg, 13kg

1,5kg, 7,5kg, 15kg

1,4kg, 7kg, 14kg

1,5kg, 7,5kg, 15kg

1,3kg, 6,5kg, 13kg

1,4kg, 7kg, 14kg

Main use

large castings, furniture, tables…

very small castings, jewelry

medium to large castings up to 5 cm

large castings, furniture, tables…

medium to large castings up to 4 cm

medium to large castings up to 5 cm


large castings

Veropal UV Plus transparent epoxy resin

VEROPAL UV PLUS are low-viscosity, very fluid and well-running epoxy resins, the castings of which have the same refractive index as glass after hardening. Important features include the following:

  • transparent - after hardening as glass optically clear
  • UV stable - the maximum possible level of UV protection to suppress yellowing
  • extended processing time - enough time to work with it
  • excellent and fast bubble removal even without vacuuming
  • when applied almost odorless
  • can be dyed with compatible pigment solutions VEROPAL PR (color transparent effect), compatible pigment pastes VEROPAL PP (color opaque effect) or compatible metallic, perlescent, alcohol or photoluminescent pigments.
  • certified for food contact
  • certified for health safety

Veropal UV Plus casting resins are mainly used for table casting, watering in the production of luxury furniture or doors and for the production of waterproof and transparent castings, jewelery, serving boards, vases, bowls, paperweights, advertising and decorative items, etc. Thanks to its properties, it he can water almost everything, creative people love him. There are 3 different versions available, differing mainly in the curing speed and possible thickness of the cast layer.


  • slow version (cures up to 72-96 hours).
  • for applications of very large amounts of material at once - allows you to process and cast at a time up to 50 l and up to 10 cm thick
  • excellent and fast bubble removal even without the need for vacuuming
  • extremely low exotherm and shrinkage, which is compensated by a very long curing time (up to 96 hours) depending on the cast quantity and layer thickness during application.
  • the casting is hard and tough
  • mainly for large castings, tables, furniture, doors, headboards, but also smaller castings such as serving boards, clocks, lamps, etc.



  • fast version from VEROPAL UV PLUS 100 resin (cures in 24 hours up to 1 cm)
  • replaces the original Veropal UV PLUS 120
  • maximum mixed volume at a time 1L and poured thickness 1cm
  • excellent and fast bubble removal even without the need for vacuuming
  • the casting is very hard but more fragile
  • mainly for the production of jewelry and small castings, for thin layers and for repairs of cast tables (same refractive index as UV PLUS 100)
  • CAUTION at higher relative humidity can form a shell on the surface - solve by covering with plastic after casting and prevent the ingress of moisture


  • medium speed version of VEROPAL UV PLUS 100 resin (cures within 48 hours)
    for medium volume applications - up to 10 l and 5 cm layers
    excellent and fast bubble removal even without the need for vacuuming
    low exotherm and shrinkage
    the casting is hard and tough
    mainly for medium castings, tables, furniture, serving boards, clocks, lamps, jewelry, etc.



Veropal Transparent clear epoxy resin

VEROPAL TRANSPARENT clear casting resin is a two-component transparent epoxy system characterized by low viscosity and slower curing at normal temperatures. Under the influence of UV radiation, this resin acquires a natural, very slightly yellowish resin shade over the years. It shrinks only minimally during curing. The hardness of the casting is regulated by a mixing ratio from hard 75 Shore D at a ratio of 100:50 to flexible 60 Shore A at a mixing ratio of 100: 100. The material is practically odorless, it can be well colored and pigmented. To achieve faster curing, the material can be tempered to a temperature of 40 - 60 ° C for several hours (after the transition to the gel phase). This will speed up curing.


  • slow version (cures up to 48 - 72 hours at normal temperature) this system allows you to process and cast a volume of 20L at a time. Workability time approx. 6 hours)



  • medium speed version (cures approx. 36 - 48 hours at normal temperature)



  • the fast version is designed for smaller castings up to a volume of approx. 500 ml The system has a shortened curing time (approx. 24 - 36 hours at normal temperature) with a minimum shrinkage and a workability time of 60 min

Clear epoxy resin for art Veropal ART

High-gloss, clear, bespoke epoxy resin developed specifically for the field of geodes, art, paintings or watering small objects, etc. When applied correctly, it creates a dense, glossy topcoat that adorns the surfaces of works of art, photographs, wood and various craft projects. and gives them a modern catchy look. Increase the attractiveness and value of each item on which it is applied.

  • Highly stable.
  • Crystal clear, hard, durable and shiny.
  • With maximum UV protection against yellowing over time
  • Durable, easy to use and user friendly.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, solvent-free.
  • It can be used on many surfaces, such as canvas, wood, MDF, glass, plexiglass, ceramics, metal, etc.

Veropal Art Epoxy Resin adheres well to almost any medium, except wax paper, silicone, and some types of plastics (ie, water repellent materials). It works very well on wood, photography, ink prints, dried acrylic, oil, spray paint, watercolor, ink, paper collages, oil pastels, sculptures, flowers, stones and other items. It is not recommended to pour on loose materials or anything that does not stick to the substrate, as after pouring, dust particles from the loose material may mix into the resin and cloud it.APLIKAČNÍ LIST

Veropal Clearcast 300 clear epoxy resin

Low-viscosity, economical epoxy resin with a universal range of applications. Very suitable for beginners as the first acquaintance with a resin with an excellent price / performance ratio and for applications with lower demands on UV stability.

  • medium speed resin (cures within 48 hours)
  • for medium volume applications - up to 20 l and 6 cm layers
  • longer workability time - no need to rush when working
  • waterproof and transparent casting
  • can be dyed with suitable light-fast pigments
  • minimal shrinkage during curing
  • non-toxic, non-flammable
  • when applied almost odorless
  • lower UV protection - over time it acquires a natural yellowish tint
  • excellent fluidity and run-in

Veropal Clearcast 300 is a suitable resin for watering and creating epoxy tables and furniture (especially in combination with Veropal PP pigment pastes), watches, jewelry, decorative items, etc. Thanks to the favorable price, it is suitable for beginners for initial acquaintance and learning with resin. , but also for advanced and professionals, especially for testing new effects and projects that do not require a high level of UV protection.


VEROPAL PEN wood penetration

Epoxy penetration for wood VEROPAL PEN is a fast resin that closes the pores in the wood before it is poured with epoxy resin on the tables. In order to ensure that the casting after the curing of the resin has a minimum of bubbles or no bubbles at all, the air contained in the pores and micro-pores of the wood must be closed so that it does not come loose on the tables during curing of the resin, and nevytvářel tak nežádoucí bublinky.

  • weight ratio 100: 40
  • application with a brush, which we try not to miss any piece of potted wood
  • always let dry
  • we recommend performing the penetration process 2 times
  • drying and curing time at 20 ° C is approximately 3 hours
  • both for highly absorbent surfaces, porous surfaces or for stabilizing lightly dusted wood, as well as for solid cohesive substrates.

Scratch resistant varnish LV CC 250

Transparent varnish LV CC 250 is a two-component PUR acrylate varnish containing nanosilicon (for greater abrasion resistance), which forms an upper thin transparent layer with higher resistance to mechanical scratches and higher UV stability after application.

  • increases the scratch resistance of the cured surface of epoxy resin tables while maintaining the transparency of the surface
  • at the same time it increases the UV protection of the casting against UV radiation
  • flow rate is between 6-8m2 / l
  • the varnish has a food safety certificate.

It is used, among other things, for repainting all types of metallics, mother-of-pearl and effect base coats. It is applied by spraying in a thickness of 50-80 m and dries at 20 ° C for 4 hours.

Pigment solutions Veropal PR

VEROPAL PR are pigment solutions for VEROPAL casting systems and are maximally compatible with them. They are mainly used for the production of transparent colored castings. We produce basic colors - yellow, pink, red, blue, green, brown and black, but we can prepare the color to measure. These pigment solutions are carefully prepared and tested for light fastness, which is essential for the appearance of the colored epoxy resin.

The customer chooses the color saturation of the casting himself, according to the amount of Veropal PR solution used. At the beginning, it is advisable to test the saturation by adding 1 drop to about 100 ml of the composition. After thorough mixing, it is possible to further add Veropal RP to the required saturation.



Veropal FixWood epoxy resin is a fast, high-strength system used to repair bent and twisted wood and to reinforce wood against sagging and twisting.


Veropal PP pigment pastes

VEROPAL PP pigment pastes are tailor-made for VEROPAL casting epoxy resins and are fully compatible with them. They are used to create colored resin and then saturated, colored and opaque castings. We produce basic colors - white, black, yellow, blue, red, green and brown and we are preparing others. Even pigment pastes have been tested for light fastness for a long time.

The customer chooses and regulates the color saturation of the casting himself, by adding a measurable amount to about 100 ml of the composition and after reaching the required saturation by subsequent conversion to the entire cast volume. The recommended dosage is 1 - 5% by weight