Scratch-resistant lacquer LV CC 250 for epoxy protection

Laquer for increasing scratch resistance of epoxy surfaces

The transparent lacquer LV CC 250 increases the scratch resistance of the hardened surface of epoxy resin table while maintaining the surface's transparency. At the same time the laquer increases the UV protection of the castings against UV radiation. This clear lacquer has been developed and tested with positive results on VEROPAL epoxy casting resins.
LV CC 250 is a two-component PUR acrylic lacquer containing nano silica (for greater abrasion resistance), which when applied, forms a top thin transparent layer with higher mechanical scratch resistance and higher UV stability. It is used also, among other things, for repainting all types of metallic paints, pearlescent and impressive base coats. It is applied by spraying in a thickness of 50-80my, dries at 20 ° C for 4 hours and the coverage of mixed coating is between 6-8m2 / l. The lacquer has a food safety certificate.
The following measurements and tests resulted from the tests and measurements:
  • LV CC 250 increases surface abrasion resistance (scratch resistance) of both cured systems by 20-30%
  • LV CC 250 will slow down the shade change of Veropal Transparent 3 times (ie it will reach the state without paint in a year, with paint in 3 years)
  • LV CC 250 will slow down the shade change of Veropal UV Plus 100 by approximately 30%, ie increase UV protection by an additional 30%.