Epoxy adhesive Veropal 50HD for potting coil windings

Epoxy adhesive Veropal 50HD/45 for potting coil and transformer windings

Description: VEROPAL 50HD / 45T is an epoxy two-component system which can be hardened at normal temperature. Its low viscosity allows easy flow and penetration into gaps and small spaces. The short gel time allows the product to be handled after a short period of time from the start of watering. If a further shortening of curing time and final properties in a shorter time is required, it is possible to cure the system at elevated temperature.

Application: For coil and coil winding. 

Substrates: Metals, metal parts, plastics 

Chemical base: 2-K epoxide

Viscosity before mixing: component A = 2900 mPa.s at 25 ° C, component B = 1200 mPa.s at 25 ° C 

Curing cycle: 24 hours at 25 ° C, 3 hours at 60 ° C 

Pot life: 10 min při 25°C

Hardness after cure: 70-90 ShD

Temperature class after curing: 130