How to make an epoxy resin table - step by step instructions

How to make an epoxy resin table - step by step instructions

By far the most common use of casting epoxy resin VEROPAL UV PLUS is casting epoxy tables, doors, bed ends and original and luxurious-looking wood epoxy combination furniture. Therefore, we will focus on this topic in great detail, from the very beginning - that is, the selection of wood and its pre-treatment for the project, to the final treatment of the surfaces of the already cast table. The workflow is divided into several consecutive blocks.

Wood preparation and wood penetration

Production of epoxy resin table - selection of the right wood, removal of dirt, cleaning and preparation of wood, correct wood penetration for casting without bubbles

Form manufacturing and its treatment

Selection of materials for the preparation of the mold for the epoxy table casting, securing the mold against resin leakage and treatment of the mold with suitable separators

Calculation of epoxy resin consumption

Easy calculaton of epoxy resin consumption and volume for resin casting - how much resin will be needed for the project

Pigmentation of epoxy resin

Pigmentation and colouring of clear cast epoxy resin with compatible pigments and dyes depending on the desired effect and color intensity

Mixing and casting of epoxy resin into a form 

Casting of epoxy resin into mold, process of proper mixing of resin and advice and tips for casting epoxy resin without bubbles

Removal of epoxy table form 

Instructions and practical information for removing the mold of the cast table with epoxy resin. What to be careful about, what to avoid, when to start casting

Milling of epoxy table 

Milling of epoxy table - instructions for production of milling guide, for leveling unevenness after topping up of epoxy table, for comparison of wood and epoxy transition

Repair of epoxy resin and table 

Instructions for repairing epoxy table - defects on wood and epoxy after milling epoxy table, during other operations or after careless handling

Grinding table of epoxy resin 

Instructions and tips for grinding of epoxy resin table, manual and machine grinding of epoxy surface, recommended procedures and materials.

Epoxy table protection 

Epoxy table surface protection - how to protect the epoxy table surface, what is the best wood and epoxy resin table protection

Polishing table of epoxy resin 

Instructions and tips for polishing the epoxy resin table, manual and machine polishing epoxy surfaces, recommended procedures and materials.

Maintenance table of epoxy resin 

Rules and recommendations for epoxy table maintenance - how to maintaen atn epoxy able against UV rays, high temperature and scratches to preserve your beauty