Nano top-coats

We have developed and successfully produce special single-layer NANO paints, both for metal and plastic. Then there are transparent NANO varnishes and high-gloss top colored NANO varnishes - NANO Top Coats. These varnishes are manufactured in such a way that the NANO silicon particles are bound in the paint by a chemical reaction. In this way, they give these varnishes unique properties that have been proven in accredited laboratories.

LV EM 050

NANO enamel 2K-PUR, acrylic, glossy, high dry substance content, NANO technology with silicone content

  • Top coatings of metal and plastic objects highly resistant to scratching and abrasion
  • Colour nuance in spectrophotometer according to a supplied sample
  • Quick drying (for thumb print), faster increase in hardness
  • Complying with VOC limits < 420 (category – B/d)
  • Colour according to RAL colour charts, SYNPO, car brands or a sample