Our people

Like any company, Synpo is mainly made by the people. In our team we have very capable people who will take care of your requirements and briefing until the delivery itself.

Ing. Jan Hyršl CSc.
General Manager
Chairman of the board 

Ing. Blanka Orságová
Head Of Department
Sales, purchasing, logistics

Ing. Jiří Kubín
Head Of Sales
Epoxies, adhesives, specialties

Jiří Fíla
Head Of Sales
Acrylic paints

prof. Ing. Štěpán Podzimek, CSc.
Head Of Department
Analytical and physical chemistry

Ing. Radim Holuša
Head Of Department
Production and technical service

Ing. Jan Skoupil, CSc.
Head Of Technical Service

Ing. Kateřina Zetková
Head Of Department
Nanostructured polymers

Ing. František Socha Ph.D.
Head Of Department
Polymers, adhesives, resins

Adam Chyška
Head Of Marketing
Synpo, epoxio, synpo.shop.cz

Iva Beranová
Head Of Administrative Department
Member of the board

Ing. Jiří Vrána, CSc.
Sales agent for Brookfield, R&D and manufacturing support

Ing. Petr Vlasák, Ph.D
Head Of Department  
Polymers, alkyds, branched structures and paints

Ing. Ondřej Janča
Head Of Department  
Evaluation of surface treatments

Ing. Edita Matysová, Ph.D.
Head Of Department  
Evaluation of physical properties

And more than 100 other people - scientists, engineers, administrators and technicians...