Pigment epoxy pastes for VEROPAL resins

Veropal PP - pigment pastes for epoxy resins 

Pigmented epoxy pastes VEROPAL PP are developed for coloring clear epoxy casting resins. They are fully compatible with transparent epoxy resins VEROPAL UV PLUS, VEROPAL TRANSPARENT, VEROPAL CLEARCAST and VEROPAL ART. They are used to form a colored resin and then a rich, colored and opaque cast from it. We produce basic colors - white, black, yellow, blue, red and we are preparing more.

The customer chooses and regulates the color saturation of the casting himself, according to the amount of VEROPAL PP paste used. At the beginning it is suitable to test the saturation by adding 1% to about 100 ml of the composition. After thorough mixing it is possible to add the paste to the desired saturation. Recommended dosage is 1 - 10% wt.