Pigment pastes

Pigment pastes are designed to color cast and repair materials for electrical applications with which they are fully compatible. Synpo produces both outdoor and indoor variants.

E-pasta BF 135M-BA Indoor RAL3013 Tomato red
E-pasta BF 1135M-OD Outdoor RAL3013 Tomato red
E-pasta BF 661-BA Indoor RAL8016 Mahagony brown
E-pasta BF 686-BA Indoor RAL8017 Chocolate brown
E-pasta HM 1470-OD Outdoor RAL8017 Chocolate brown
E-pasta BF 1660-OD Outdoor RAL8016 Mahagony brown
E-pasta BF 318-BA Indoor RAL9011 Graphite black
E-pasta FW 200-BA Indoor RAL9017 Black
E-pasta KRBF 2478-BA Indoor RAL7024 Graphite grey
E-pasta BF 1318-OD Outdoor RAL9011 Graphite black
E-pasta KRBF 4478-OD Outdoor RAL7024 Graphite grey
E-pasta HB 550-BA Indoor RAL5002 Ultramarine
E-pasta LG 5G-BA Indoor RAL6032 Signal green
E pasta GN-M-BA Indoor RAL6025 Green
E-pasta BFO 130M-BA Indoor RAL2002 Vermilion
E-pasta PY 6615-BA Indoor - Bright yellow

Technical data sheets from pigment pastes on request.