Removable liquid film for surface protection Synplast Dip 

Synplast Dip liquid rubber removable film for temporary decorative surface protection

Description: SYNPLAST DIP is a special lacquer that creates a protective and decorative removable layer. Easy application, remove simple download without damaging the original surface. Variants of colorless glossy or matte or paint varnish. 

Application: As a removable lacquer forming a temporary protective layer eg on motor vehicles, tools, sports equipment, glass. Protection against mechanical damage or corrosion, or as a renovation of faded paint. Excellent anti-slip properties - eg for hand tools or electrical insulating properties - insulation of conductors and electrical connections. Excellent for tuning or stone anti-bounce protection.

Substrates: metal, plastic, wood, rubber, stone, ceramics, decorative coatings 

Chemical base: rubber 

Density: 0,88 g/cm3 

Pot life: ????

Adhesive Consumption: 1-2 m2/l

Recommended thickness: 40 µm dry film (150 µm wet film)