Works of art, historical monuments and antiques are subject to the influence of time and natural conditions, and also to human improper interventions. For the numerous demands of restorers of various cultural monuments or their parts, SYNPO has developed several products meeting their demanding needs and thus contributes to the preservation of important monuments of the Czech Republic. It is worth mentioning the use of our materials, for example, during repaires of Tugendhat Villa in Brno or during repairing the Old Town Astronomical Clock in Prague.


Veropal D709 is a special lacquer for restoration work to protect metal, concrete, stone and wood against weathering, but is also suitable for interiors. It is also used as a binder for exposed silver or gold bronze, or for the bonding and protection of optical glass. 


Veropal UV 40 is balanced solution of acrylate with highly effective protective effects against UVA and UVB. It is mainly used for surface hardening or surface treatment of porous and non-porous materials, where the presence of solvent is not a problem. Advantageously, the protective properties of VEROPAL UV-40 are used for long-term protection against UV radiation of natural origin as well as artificial sources. It is used extensively for restoration work. In this function, it can also be used to fix graphics, angles and chalk drawings or pastels. It can also be used as a melting glass and ceramic adhesive without the risk of yellowing.


EMAIL TUGis a specially developed synthetic paint for the project of repairing villa Tugendhat in Brno, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Color is formulated based on alkyd resin, pigments and fillers in organic solvents with the addition of special additives. Email TUG is mainly designed for wooden surfaces in the interior, however, when preparing metal surfaces with a suitable base paint, it is also very well applied to metal parts. For the needs of the projects, shiny and semi-gloss variants were developed in white, "broken white" and black.


Transparent lacquer TUG is a specially developed synthetic colorless lacquer for the project of repairing villa Tugendhat in Brno, which is on the UNESCO list of monuments. It is a solution of alkyd resin in organic solvents with the addition of special additives. The lacquer was developed only for interior wood and its gloss was customized.