Elaxy A4 is an epoxy acrylate resin dissolved in an acrylate monomer that is easy to process, has a rapid cure time at room temperature or elevated temperature and can be cured with peroxides. The curing temperature and cure speed can be controlled by using several types of peroxides and their dosing. Cured resin has excellent chemical resistance and mechanical properties both in the room and at elevated temperatures. 

Vlastnosti nevytvrzeného systému
Parametr Specifikace Jednotka Norma
Obsah epoxidu <0,1 eq / kg ČSN EN ISO 3001
Viskozita 40-80 MPa.s EN ISO 12058-1
Kyselé číslo 7-12 mg KOH / g ISO 2114
Stabilita v 70°C vodní lázni >120 min Metoda testování Synpo
Barva (stupnice jódu) <1 mg I2 DIN 6162