Synthesis of polymers and resins

Synpo - synthesis of polymers and resins

Acrylates and dispersions

SYNPO has great experience in: 

1. Technology of production and evaluation of the properties of acrylate water-soluble and solvent polymers:

  • aqueous dispersions based on acrylates, methacrylates, vinyl acetate, styrene and other polymers
  • polycarboxylates based on acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, maleic anhydride, optionally other monomers
  • aqueous solutions of acrylic and methacrylic polymers
  • copolymers based on acrylates and methacrylates in organic solvents
  • adhesive base for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), floor adhesives, contact adhesives

2. Investigation of new techniques of polymerization of acrylic monomers

3.  Development and application evaluation of acrylic water based paints, adhesives, cements, facades and other composites:

  • decorative and industrial paints for wood, metals, concrete etc.
  • painting and facade paints
  • waterproofing compounds


In epoxies, the activity is directed to:

1. Technology of the production of epoxy resins and compounds containing an oxirane group

  • development of new types of epoxy resins and epoxy compounds, development of production technologies, semi-operational technology verification
  • laboratory preparation of epoxy resins for special applications
  • pilot production of epoxy resins and epoxy compositions

2. Technology for the production of epoxy resin hardeners

  • development of new types of hardeners, their modifications, development of mixed hardeners for volume dosage, setting of curing speed
  • laboratory preparation of hardener for special applications

3. Application of epoxy resins

  • formulation of solvent based coatings
  • epoxy primers for coatings of concrete, mineral substrates, floors, steel structures, plastics
  • anti-corrosion epoxy primer coatings tolerant to residual corrosion
  • epoxy emails for high-stressed objects such as chemical, energy, food and other complexes
  • high-density epoxy compounds for heavy chemical protection
  • formulation of water-soluble epoxy coatings
  • epoxy water-dilutable materials with extended workability for mineral substrates, metal structures, plastics, wood etc.
  • epoxy base anticorrosion compounds 
  • epoxy enamels with higher chemical resistance
  • formulation of casting floor products and polymer concretes 
  • formulation of lamination resins and casting systems
  • formulation of adhesives, putties and sealants 
  • formulation of hybrid systems

Polyesters and alkyds

We deal with the synthesis of classical alkyd types with different oil lengths based on oils or fatty acids of further modified alkyd resins, water-soluble alkyd resins, microgels. In addition to the alkyd base, we formulate saturated polyester resins (for coatings, coil coating, 2K PUR etc.), PUR dispersions, epoxy acrylates or solution acrylates etc. For different substrates (steel, plastics, glass, polycarbonate, and for various applications (constructions, furniture, floors, building components ...) we formulate basic, industrial and decorative paints, or for drinking water contact, always with the utmost regard to customer requirements.

Special products with specific functionality

We design polymers with specific functionality such as transparency, UV stability, biocidal effects, self-cleaning effects, flame retardant effects, etc. Besides, we develop other special functional additives that improve the properties of conventional binder bases.