Transparent cast resins

Transparent casting resins are used primarily for the production of luxurious and unique furniture, for casting and creating decorative items, 3D effects, logoprint, badges, light bodies, casting and bonding of jewelry, mold making, making of models and various transparent and dyed products.  

VEROPAL UV PLUS - is transparent, optically clear (as a glass), UV stable (non-yellowing), epoxy casting system with extended processing time and minimal shrinkage for the production of waterproof and transparent castings (up to 10cm thick), advertising and decorative items suitable for casting the wood.

VEROPAL TRANSPARENT - is a transparent epoxy casting system with extended or shortened processing times and minimal shrinkage during curing. UV light is slightly yellowed and produces a naturally yellowish resin shade. It is designed primarily for castings of smaller volumes, up to 350 ml. It is used in the production of various transparent castings, advertising and decorative items and modeling. 

PIGMENT SOLUTIONS - Veropal UV Plus or Veropal Transparent system-compatible color solutions for the preparation of transparent color casts.

PIGMENT PASTES - Veropal UV Plus or Veropal Transparent system-compatible color paste for the preparation of opaque colored casts.