Fast structural adhesive Veropal Quick

Fast structural adhesive Veropal Quick

Description: VEROPAL QUICK is a unique very fast two-component epoxy adhesive with good peel and shear strength.

Application: For structural bonding of a wide range of substrates. 

Substrates: In addition to metals, metal structures, wood, ceramics, it is suitable for bonding a variety of polymer composite materials such as glass fiber reinforced polyesters, epoxies (SMC) and the like. 

Chemical base: 2-K epoxide

Viscosity before mixing: 5-15 Pa.s at 25 ° C

Viscosity after mixing: 10-20 Pa.s at 25 ° C

Pot life: 2-3 min

Gel time: 5-7 min

Tg (°C) DSC: 50 - 60°C