Structural adhesive Veropal 14

Structural high strength adhesive VEROPAL 14

Description: VEROPAL 14 is a two-component room temperature curing epoxy adhesive. The system has the character of a thixotropic paste and, after curing, exhibits a high degree of strength and high chemical resistance. The system is temperature resistant up to 120 ° C and is capable of filling joints up to 5 mm thick.

Application: For structural bonding of a wide range of substrates, especially composite structures, bonding electronic components. 

Substrates: Metals, metal parts, reinforced composite materials (GRP, CFRP), ceramic materials, plastics (ABS, PA, PC ...) 

Chemical base: 2-K epoxide

Viscosity before mixing: thixotropic 

Viscosity after mixing: thixotropic 

Pot life: 60 min

Tg (°C) DSC: 80 - 85°C