Custom Production

Low tonnage production and development of polymers

We offer small-scale production of products from the entire portfolio of our company or custom production, as well as cooperation in the development of new products.
We focus mainly on:

  • Formulation and technological development
    • Synthetic resins - epoxy, polyester, alkyd, acrylate and polyurethane,
    • Paints, potting compounds, sealants, adhesives, sealants and composites,
    • Special polymers according to customer specifications,
    • Coloring of paints, including tinting of paints and pigment pastes to order.
  • Custom production
    • Production provided in volumes from about ten kilograms up to units of tons.

Scale up

For the purposes of transferring the technologies of the developed polymers from the laboratory to the operational scale, our research pilot plant is used where we verify new technologies in the form of trial productions.

  • Examples of equipment in our pilot plant:
    • Stainless steel or glass polymerization reactors with a capacity of 25-350 liters for batch production of epoxies, polyesters, alkyds, latexes, solution acrylates and polyurethanes. The apparatus is equipped with a media (heat transfer medium is oil or pressurized water) and / or electric heating for reaction temperatures up to 270 °C,
    • Sandvik cooling belt in conjunction with a 350l reactor for the production of solid synthetic resins and hot melt adhesives,
    • Vessels with mixing with a volume of up to 1000 l.
    • Dispersing equipment - dissolvers Fryma, Kreis, Vibromac with container volumes of 50-500 l,
    • WAB pearl mills and Kreis basket mill,
    • Kneading plant Morton and Werner & Pfleiderer with container volumes of 20-114 l.

We have Morton and Werner & Pfleiderer kneading equipment with a container volume of 20-114 l, polymerization apparatus with a 350 l stainless steel reactor, polymerization apparatus with a 50 l glass reactor, Kreis dissolver with a 300 l container, WAB ECM bead mill.