Partnership Today for Chemistry of Tomorrow

We are a chemical company with more than 70 years of tradition and a leading representative of applied research and production in the field of resins, varnishes, paints, adhesives, sealants and polymers.


Why to cooperate with us?

We can improve your products and thereby streamlining the production process or add unique features to them. We develop new systems, which we can manufacture in most cases. Furthermore, we cooperate with workplaces at a high scientific level.

Nanostructured Polymer Center
Synthesis of Polymers and Resins
Formulation of Application Systems


We can also develop organic products

We do not have green only in our colors, but also in the heads of our people. Furthermore, we participate in the development of materials for the world's leading companies, where we use natural, renewable and recyclable raw materials for the production of daily necessities.

What do we offer in Green Chemistry

Cans with paint

We produce materials successful in all branches.

We produce paints and coatings, resins, adhesives, acrylic dispersions, cleaners, etc. Our coatings are used by TATRA TRUCKS. We have our own e-shop with Veropal resins, which are very favored by hobby users as well as by professionals.

Custom Production
E-shop Epoxio


We are the exclusive distributor of AMETEK Brookfield instruments.

We are the exclusive distributor of AMETEK instruments in the Czech Republic – viscometers, gels, timers, rheometers, PFT bulk material testers, structure analyzers, etc. Furthermore, we provide technical support, operator training, consulting service, warranty and post-warranty repairs to our customers. We have an accredited viscometry laboratory.

Instruments AMETEK Brookfield
Services AMETEK Brookfield