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We simplify everyday lives together by developing new products for industries.

We are especially grateful to our people who work every day to develop and improve products, services and technologies, especially in the field of polymer chemistry. We are engaged in applied research and our own production of resins, varnishes, paints, adhesives, and sealants. Thanks to accredited laboratories, we are able to perform advanced and complex analysis and testing of polymeric materials.


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Our employees make us who we are.

We employ experienced scientists, purposeful engineers, capable salespeople and others who take care of running of the company. We value them, take care of them and reward them with special benefits such as five weeks of vacation, 37.5 hours per week, subsidized meals, pension savings contribution or a reward for the company's economics result on working jubilees.

Interesting Projects and News


We have developed new hardeners for the Akrylmetal system

We continuously monitor the development of chemical legislation and react to it in order to make our product easier to use. Because the European Union has introduced a restriction on products with a higher content of monomeric diisocyanates than 0.1%, some types of hardeners from the Akrylmetal range have been reformulated and are not affected by this restriction. These are LV BU45 L and LV BU75 L.


We participated in the seminar Progressive and non-traditional technology of surface treatments

On days 29-30 On November 11th, 2023, a professional seminar focused on surface treatments from the professional, legislative and management aspects of quality and operational safety took place in Brno.


Accredited surface treatment testing lab of SYNPO, akciová společnost has recently become, as one of the few, an approved laboratory of the Mercedes-Benz automobile company (DBL).

Furthermore, we are fully competent for performing the CCT2 test of the DBL standards according to VDA 233-102, which has newly replaced the CCT according to ISO 11997-1B.


Seminar "Czech Idea Goes to the World"

With the support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, the online seminar "Czech Idea Goes to the World" took place this year again. As part of the seminar, our company SYNPO, a.s. was introduced. Products resulting from the TE02000006 AlterBio project were presented. The fundamental innovation activity of the project was the research, development and design of innovative antimicrobial systems for plastics, paints, cosmetics and textiles. We can prepare safe, environmentally non-toxic antimicrobial or self-cleaning systems usable in a wide range of applications.


We have been involved in the development of the space rocket and other projects for the European Space Agency

We have been involved in European Space Agency projects. One of them was a collaboration on the development of a space launch vehicle. The aim of the project was to reduce the weight of the carrier and facilitate the carrying of heavier equipment into space to orbit.


We participate in the development of special foils which prevents the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

Self-cleaning foils can be used mainly at self-service cash registers or fast food kiosks. We are already testing the first generation of foils in real conditions.

21. století

We participate in the development of shielding materials to protect against electromagnetic radiation.

We are working on a project in which one of the goals is the development of effective shielding materials protecting against the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation is present all around us. At the same time, it can burden living organisms and can also affect brain functions.

21. století

We are working on the development of colored antistatic coating systems

In cooperation, we have developed technologies for the production of composite materials based on carbon nanostructures combined with conductive polymers and solved their incorporation into application forms. This technology is used, for example in antistatic floors, which can be used in operating theaters, hazardous areas, pharmaceutical plants, etc.

Barvy Profi

We have repaired some UNESCO monuments with the systems developed by us

We have also developed restoration systems that have repaired important Czech monuments. These included furniture in the functionalist Villa Tugendhat, wooden parts of train Slovenska strela and the repair of statues at the Old Town Astronomical Clock.



We are actively involved in the development of a new material composed of biodegradable plastic

As part of an international project, we are participating in the development of a new material composed of biodegradable plastic (based on lactic acid) reinforced with plant fibers obtained from invasive plants from the Azores and antibacterial glass.


We have a wide range of clients and partners

We keep up with others!

We are in permanent contact with the latest developments in legislation and world developments in the branch thanks to active communication with state agencies. We are members of the Association of Paint Manufacturers of the Czech Republic and the Association of the Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic. Our scientists and researchers publish their results on different platforms.


Quality comes first for us

We have established a certified ISO 9001 quality management system in Synpo since 2000. We recertify it after three years regularly.

Company History


Company Formation

Founded in Pardubice as the Research Institute of Plastic materials. The original seat was in the Synthesia Semtín building.


Extension of Scope

The research has also been extended to the field of varnishes, and we have changed our name to the Research Institute of Synthetic Resins and Varnishes (VÚSPL).


We Add Production to Our Profile

We also added the production of paints and launched the successful Akrylmetal varnish system.


Company Transformation

After the "Velvet Revolution", we were privatized and trademark Synpo (= SYNthesis of the POlymers) was introduced.


Introduction of Quality Control Certificate

We have obtained the ISO 9001 certificate from an independent body, which is based on a process approach and improvement.


Acquisition of Spolchemie

Synpo is bought by Spolchemie, and we became part of Spolchemie Group.


New Range of Clear Veropal Epoxy Casting Systems

We have developed a range of Veropal epoxy potting systems with unique casting properties.


Founding of Our Own e-Shop

We have created a specialized e-shop for epoxy resins epoxio.cz

We also cooperate with institutions

We participate in grant projects.

We have participated in or are actively participating (either as beneficiaries or co-beneficiaries) in many projects solved with support provided from public sources, e.g. from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Industry and Trade, The Ministry of Transport and the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.