What Do We Offer?

Research and Development

We are experienced in development of acrylates, epoxies, polyesters, alkyds, polyurethanes and other special types of polymers in solvent-based and waterborne form.

We formulate paints built on proper chemistry corresponding to application and having various functionality - anticorrosive, decorative... We develop adhesives for different substrates, sealing resins, especially for electrical industry and many more. Furthermore, we set properties of customer's materials according to needs.

We have an overview in the field of nanomaterials. We can process them, chemically modified for achieving of unique properties. Furthermore, we know how to characterize them.

Our research is more and more focused on natural and renewable sources. Their modification can bring very interesting materials usable in next synthesis or as an additive in paints or related materials.

We take part in projects with support of public or grant agencies for many years. We can prepare projects focused on progressive and interesting topics, and we offer our cooperation as a professional guarantee of special processes.

Our Production

We offer a wide range of paints – primers, fillers, metallic base coats, topcoats. For metallic, plastic and glass substrates. We specialize in materials for car refinish.

We produce resins for artworks and hobby and also materials for industrial applications, especially electrical industry.

Synpo has always been a pioneer in the field of epoxy adhesives, and we offer materials with different working times and other special parameters.

These waterborne binders were developed for special application, and they have many unique properties.

Our products will help you to do perfect preparation of a surface before its coating.

We are equipped for synthesis of resins and production of paints from lab to pilot plant scale. We can produce materials according to your own procedure.

Analysis and Evaluation of Polymeric Materials

We are equipped for qualitative and quantitative analysis of polymeric materials. We are able to determine their composition, molecular weight, content of functional groups, solvents or residual monomers.

Our testing laboratory performs evaluation of physical parameters of polymeric materials. We perform complex evaluation of coating materials – from common utility properties to advanced corrosion and climate tests.

The viscometry laboratory performs the characterization of the rheological properties of various materials and ensures the calibration of Brookfield viscometers.

We can help you in choosing of proper material for your application, recommend proper application method, preparation of a substrate and many more.

We are equipped with many instruments for analysis and testing of polymeric materials. We have equipment for production of resins, paints and other products based on polymers.

Space Leasing

We offer rooms equipped for seminars, lectures etc.

We offer offices near the center of a town.