Viscometers and Accessories

Viscometer DV2T

Programmable viscometer using Program Generator Software for multistep measurements.

  • Measuring geometry: disk, cylindrical or special spindles, adapters with coaxial cylinders,
  • Internal data storage,

  • Time tests and data averaging,

  • USB interface for optional PC control via RheocalcT software,

  • Customizable user access, secure 21 CFR features,

  • Compatible with all Brookfield accessories.

Viscometer DVPlus

  • Viscometer with 5" touch display,
  • Measuring geometry: disc, cylindrical or special spindles, adapters with coaxial cylinders,
  • USB and Bluetooth interface with application DVPlus Connect for data recording and printing on PC,
  • Ability of setting of time of measurement,
  • Optional temperature probe,
  • Optional magnetic connection of spindles,
  • Compatible with all Brookfield accessories.

Viscometer KU-3

Special viscometer for paints, coatings and inks; ASTM D562 compatible

  • LED display info: Krebs units, Gram units, Centipoise,
  • Measurement range: 40-141 KU, 32-1099 g, 27-5271 cP.

Viscometer CAP 2000+ 

Cone-plate viscometer to measure small sample volume at variable speed; ISO 2884, ASTM D4287, BS 3900 compatible

  • Appropriate for moderate to high shear tests up to 10,000 1/s,
  • Choice of torque range: High torque (ICI specification) or low torque,

  • Choice temperature control: L = 5-75 °C or H = 50-235 °C,

  • Variable speed 5-1,000 RPM,

  • Optional Capcalc software to control viscometer.

Dial viscometer

  • The worldwide standard,
  • Manual calculation is required to obtain centiPoises values,

  • Compatible with all Brookfield accessories.

Process in-line viscometers

In-line viscometer VTE VISCOSEL 

Rotational in-line viscometer for automatic viscosity control of systems open to the atmosphere.

  • Viscosity range: 10-4,000 mPa.s with output signal 4-20 mA,
  • Optional solenoid rele control to automatically adjust viscosity on production line.


In-line viscometer FAST

Measures damping effect of torsionally oscillating probe, no moving parts, no maintanance.

  • Used mainly in printing, coating and adhesive operations,
  • Viscosity range: 1-3,000 (optional 12,000) cSt,

  • FAST-101 for application in pipes, by-pass, flange mount or as a probe inserted in the tank from above,

  • FAST-102 is compliant to 3A sanitary standards,

  • FAST-101 with transmitter MXTS enables connection toautomated control systems (PC, PLC, DCS, etc.).

Single or multiple station viscosity controllers AST-330SY or AST-420SY  for measuring and displaying viscosity, temperatureplotu and pH.

  • Sensor configuration: NEME4, NEMA7, ATEX, sanitary or ink system.

Viscometer/rheometer accessories and special items

  • NEW!!! HPQA, Helipath Quick Action Stand for measurement of non-flowing substances e.g. pastes, putties, creams, waxes, gelatins,
  • Special measuring spindles made of various materials, e.g. steel according to ČSN 17346, with Teflon coating or molybdenum for measurements at very high temperatures,
  • Ball bearings of the shaft with wear-resistant bearings for models of viscometers and rheometers of the torsion series RV/HA/HB,
  • Magnetic spindle coupling for viscometers DVPLUS, DV2T and rheometer DVNext,
  • Quick action lab stand,
  • Thermosel system for measurements in the temperature range from 40 to 300 °C, intended for measuring asphalts, adhesives, resins or plastics,
  • UL adapter and UL-DIN adapter (meets DIN 53019) for accurate measurement of very low viscosities (range from 1 mPa.s),
  • Small sample adapter for measuring small quantities of samples,
  • Spiral adapter for measuring paste-like materials, e.g. solder pastes,
  • Vane spindles for measuring pasty materials, gels, suspensions or creams,
  • Circulation thermostats, simple or programmable, controlled from a rheometer or PC,
  • DYMO 550Turbo Label Writer printer for DV2T viscometer and DVNext rheometer,
  • Viscosity standards – silicone and mineral oils (5 mPa.s-100,000 mPa.s) and a calibration certificate,
  • Viscosity standards for calibration of viscometers and rheometers - overview of fluids.

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