Clear epoxy resin Veropal

VEROPAL clear epoxy resin is an ideal tool for awakening imagination in its variants. These casting resins are specially developed for the production of epoxy tables, combined tables made of epoxy resin and wood, unique furniture made of epoxy resin (doors, headboards, lamps, serving boards, etc.), for the production of jewelry, for epoxy art as a geode, paintings , small objects, etc. At the same time, VEROPAL UV epoxy resins are stable, very compatible with various materials such as wood, metals, organic materials, etc. Color, metallic, luminescent pigments and paints for resins can be dyed to the required shades forming in the final stage interesting design effects. Once cured, the cast epoxy resin becomes hard, durable and crystal clear. Veropal UV PLUS 100 is also a certified epoxy resin for food contact.

Filled and unfilled epoxy casting resins

Epoxy casting resins for the electrical industry within our portfolio are filled and unfilled. These are 1-K or 2K-epoxy systems with excellent crack resistance and UL94 certification. We have high and medium voltage systems in our portfolio. In addition, we also produce special systems and systems for low voltage and encapsulation or impregnation.

One-component epoxies

Based on market requirements, we have developed a basic portfolio of one-component epoxy electroforms, especially for the needs of the electrical industry for impregnation of coils and windings of industrial motors and alternators.