Instruments that operate in controller shear rate (RPM) and controlled shear stress (torque) and model RSO also in oscillation mode. 

Torque rheometers RSX 

RSX-CPS with cone/plate and plate/plate systems for small samples and wide shear ranges. RSX-CC with coaxial cylinders geometries for single point QC or full rheological profiling. RSX-SST soft solid tester for pastes, slurries and materials with particles.

  • Torque: 0.1-200 mN.m/0.01-1,000 RPM
                 0.1-100 mN/m/0.01-1,300 RPM,
  • Torque resolution: 1.2 µN.m,
  • Temperature control: RSX-CPS-with Peltier air or bath 20-180 °C, RSX-CC and RSX-SST with bath -20-200 °C.

Oscillatory rheometer RSO 

Torque-oscillatory rheometer with cone/plate & plate/plate and coaxial cylinder geometry options.

  • Maximum torque: 100 mN.m,
  • Torque resolution: 0,02 µN.m,
  • Speed range: 0.001-1,500 RPM,
  • Frequency range: 0.001-20 Hz; 0.006-126 rad/s,
  • Temperature control: bath or Peltier plate 0-180 °C.

Rheometer DVNEXT 

  • "All-in-one“ rheometer for measuring viscosity and yield stress,
  • 4 torque model ranges: LV, RV, HA, HB,

  • Measuring geometry: disc, cylindrical or special spindles, adapters with coaxial cylinders or cone/plate geometry,

  • Optional magnetic spindle coupling,

  • Optional 21CFR Part 11 compliant,

  • Real time graphing,

  • Build-in math models, e.g. Casson, Bingham, Power law, Thix index,

  • Optional RheocalcT control software,

  • Compatible with all Brookfield accessories.

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