Metallic Paints

We produce one-component metallic base coats and also two-component polyurethane metallic coatings with high gloss. Our polyester-based metallic paints with lower gloss are designated especially for industrial applications. 

LV BC 200

1K metallic colored base coat.

  • Paint with metallic effect, which can be overcoated with transparent 2K PUR acrylic top coats,

  • Conventional material.

LV BC 210

2K PUR matt polyester paint with aluminum content.

  • Provides metallic effect,

  • Matt surface,

  • Excellent adhesion to aluminum.

LV BC 220

2K PUR glossy acrylic metallic paint with aluminum content.

  • Provides metallic effect with high weather and UV resistance,

  • High gloss,

  • Designated for primary production of utility vehicles, tanks, etc.

LV BC 240

2K PUR industrial metallic paint, RAL 9006 and RAL 9007, for metal and plastic.

  • Silver paint for industrial usage,

  • For metallic and plastic substrates,

  • Usable in engineering and construction industry,

  • Appealing look,

  • Semi-gloss,

  • Based on 2K PUR with high surface hardness and quick drying,

  • Low price.

LV BC 000

Fluorescent 2K PUR metallic paint.

  • Fluorescent effect,

  • Has to be covered by transparent top coat,

  • Use: vehicles of the rescue system, ambulances, fire trucks, sporting equipment,

  • RAL 1026, 2005, 2007, 3024, 3026, 6038 and others (purple, blue – according to color chart).