The New Self-Cleaning Film Prevents the Transmission of Bacteria, Viruses and Other Harmful Microorganisms

The aim of the project is to increase hygienic standards when using touch screens in public places. In parallel, proposals are being made for the use of polymer systems with self-cleaning surfaces for the surface treatment of significantly exposed surfaces, where there is a risk of contamination by organic pollutants and harmful microorganisms.

The development of the foils began last March and today the first generation products are already successfully tested in real conditions. The biggest benefits of the foil are the simplicity of its application, practically unlimited usability and unpretentiousness. The only condition for proper operation is enough light. The foil keeps its surface clean at all times and is very reliable.

This is purely Czech research done by experts from Synpo, FORTES interactive, Brno University of Technology, the TBU Polymer Systems Center in Zlín and the Center for Organic Chemistry s.r.o.

Dedication to the project: FW03010006 Permanent protection of touch screens to prevent the deposition of organic pollutants on their surface.