Fillers for Metal

Fillers or levelling Akrylmetal paints are designed for metal bases which can be sanded or used without sanding. Other materials from the Akrylmetal line are fully compatible with fillers and can be applied wet-to-wet.

Akrylmetal fillers contain anticorrosive additives and can be applied directly to metal without need of primer.

LV PL 340

Filler for metallic substrates in industrial manufacturing.

  • Priming layer for sanding,

  • Filler with anticorrosive pigment; can be applied directly to metal,

  • For perfectly cleaned and degreased surfaces,

  • Application in industrial manufacturing and car repairs.

LV PL 365

Filler for metallic substrates; high build, high solid for car refinishing.

  • Car refinishing filler that can be applied directly to metal without primering,

  • Filler contains anticorrosive pigments,

  • Can be applied up to 300 µm of wet film,

  • Application in a car refinishing and industrial manufacturing.

AQ PL 310

Waterborne filler, 1K polyurethane.

  • Priming layer for sanding,

  • Quick drying,

  • To be used on powder primers.

  • Low emissions.

LV AKZ 411

One coat direct to metal acrylic primer.

  • Single-layer coating for metal objects with anticorrosive, filling and decorative effect,

  • Resistant to oils, petrol and chemical substances (acids, alkalis),

  • For perfectly derusted and degreased metallic or plastic surfaces,

  • Steel substrate protection for corrosion category C3,

  • Contains anticorrosive pigment and UV stabilizers,

  • Can be customized for application on plastics without the use of adhesion primer or plastics filler (LV AKZ 421),

  • In RAL colors,

  • Very wide use in industrial manufacturing,

  • Gloss 25-70 %.