We Are Working on the Development of Colored Antistatic Coating Systems

In cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague, MFF UK and the Center for Organic Chemistry, we have developed technologies for the production of composite materials based on carbon nanostructures combined with conductive polymers and solved their incorporation into application forms. The design of conductive composites will provide better utility properties in the field of conductive interconnections and structures, antistatic and anti-corrosion treatments. The developed concentrates do not contain metallic elements, therefore they do not burden the environment and are significantly better compatible with the binder polymer system than the carbon nanostructures themselves. The incorporation of conductive polymers into the structure of carbon nanomaterials brings higher efficiency of incorporation of carbon nanomaterials into the polymer matrix and better utility properties.

Dedication to the project: TH03020348 Carbon (nano) structures and their modifications for composites.